Garage Doors

Roller Garage Doors open on the vertical and roll up and backwards inside the garage. They give you great space-saving solutions and they can also benefit you with additional insulation for the garage. Choose from a range of stylish colours and finishes with options including vision slats, fascia coverings, powder coated end slats and more

Aesthetically beautiful roller garage doors

A choice of paint or wood effect finishes. Match your garage door to your existing windows and doors Low maintenance finishes and Vision slats are available for Seceuroglide roller garage doors



Wood Grain Effect Roller Doors

RD Johnson roller doors have been tried and tested for years now and offer a vast array of options. All doors are electrically operated and made to order with a choice of colours and options.



Coloured Roller Garage Doors

All the roller doors listed are fully compliant with the latest CE regulations required for safety with electric operated doors. Unfortunately many roller garage doors are being offered throughout the U.K. which do not comply with the regulations.



Match Your Windows & Doors

Roller Garage Doors are one of the most popular types of garage doors in the U.K. right now and Garage Doors from RD Johnson Rhyl has made it easier for you by offering the some of the most popular and established designs and styles.




  • Twin-walled tough slats
  • Insulating core within the roller garage door
  • High performance webbing
  • Comb locking mechanism
  • Choice of fifteen finishes for your garage door
  • Each garage door comes with a Seceurosmart receiver